My brain hurts

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Source: Google images - Homer Simpson

I’ve been having a head cold.  It makes me ponder the question about where all that liquid dripping out my snout is coming from.  I believe it has come from my brain.  As you know, your brain is mostly liquid, as is most of your body.  Well, my brain seems to be leaking.  I’m afriad soon it will be as small as the one Homer Simpson appears to possess.  The future of my brain is questionable because I think it has begun to mold.  It feels “fuzzy.”  The next thing, of course, would be it will dry up completely, and perhaps whilst I’m sleeping, it will roll out my ear and I will be brainless.  What’s that?  Nobody could tell the difference?  You are probably right about that, but not wanting to find out, I’m taking measures to prevent further drying.  I’m drinking gallons of coffee, tea, and water.  It may be helping and the leak seems to have slowed.  The only problem is now I’m toddling off to the loo all the time.  Do you suppose I’ve developed another leak?


3 Responses to “My brain hurts”

  1. 19 September 2008 at 2:53 AM

    There’s a product called “Depends” that allows adults to take the loo with them wherever they have to go, and I suppose you could wear them on your head when you’re sleeping to prevent your brain from staining your pillow. Just a thought, glad to be of help.

  2. 2 Gina
    19 September 2008 at 2:40 PM

    I’d rather leak in the loo than on my pillow.

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