Will there be any rules or guidelines?  Is somebody heading up the squad?  Will there be challenges and contests?  Do you/we want any particular sort of posts?  Is it a bloody free-for-all?  Will Mr. T or Chuck Norris be involved in any way?  Can I get their autographs?



11 Responses to “Free-for-all”

  1. 14 September 2008 at 11:46 PM

    Keep it PG-13 or less.
    You don’t have to worry about posting daily.
    Posts should and will be awesome.

    And nobody is the head. We all work towards the betterment of the squad. Kind of like communism, but it has a point system, and it is awesome.

  2. 15 September 2008 at 12:00 AM


    I had the same questions. So far, FinPeng is heading it up.

    Here are my suggestions, up for discussion:

    Let’s keep it PG-13 at worst, no f-bombs;
    One post maximum per day per member;
    Each post should have an image, even if the post is a benign rant, haiku, or other verbalicitoidity;
    Each post should credit the source of any image, quote, flash game, video, etc., included in that post;
    All members may and should assist in policing comments from non-members and spammers;
    All members should vote in new members to avoid complete anarchy with each member having an equal vote;
    All egos should be left at the Awsome County Line. Any disagreements between Squad Members should be resolved outside of the Awesome Squad website;
    All members should be allowed to vote against any member who violates the good humor and spirit intended with this Awesome Site, with a 3-strikes law that results in double-secret probation for one month with revocation of posting rights, requiring a majority vote for reinstatement;
    All members may edit their own posts, but should refrain from editing others’ contributions, including the editing of comments;
    Adopt the Barbershop Rule: No blatant promotion of political views or religion, unless it’s in the spirit of fun and is too awesome to be avoided; Current events and public figures are fair game (example, Paris Hilton).

    After EPIC came up with the concept of Missions, maybe we have a weekly theme… each post might be related to a weekly “theme,” requiring bonafide members of TEAM AWESOME to post within the confines of an abstract “theme.” By abstract, I mean innocuous themes, like “Blue is the Best,” or “Mom Never Told Me,” or “My First Time.” Leaves it all open to interpretation, but provides a thread.

    How ’bout a private “Members Only” chat room to discuss this in real time? I don’t know where everyone’s from, but we might be able to pick a time convenient for the eastern folk with the westerners once a week.

    That’s a start. Anyone else want to avoid complete anarchy? (And no, I’m not a frakkin lawyer.)

  3. 15 September 2008 at 1:12 AM

    One more thought. If all Team Members are posters, someone needs to accept the mission position of regulating the posts. We might need a Moderator, such that there is at least one new post per day. Without a Moderator, we may be stepping all over each other for a Monday post, and nothing new will show up for several days. That would not be good.

    The Moderator should act as a “post filter” in that respect. If ten new drafts show up in the queue, the moderator’s job is to spread them out, without preference or bias for their own posts. That’s a tough mission, and one that I don’t have enough time for. A good Moderator should have a sense of rhythm. Three U Toobage videos in a row has no rhythm. Three long-ass rants in a row has no rhythm. You get what I mean.

    The Moderator should be allowed to operate independently of everyone else, and all Team Members should relinquish control of posting order.

    Maybe I’m complicating things too much, and maybe we should just give it a go and see if we need a Moderator, first.

  4. 15 September 2008 at 1:16 AM

    I already hate the Moderator. But I’ll deal with it. =)

  5. 7 S. Le
    15 September 2008 at 2:47 PM

    All very good ideas, Bunk. I nominate YOU for Moderator!!

  6. 15 September 2008 at 5:00 PM

    I second that.
    Also, rather than overload The Moderator, should we either 1. volunteer to post on a certain day per week or 2. send through 1-2 posts per week rather than 16 in a week of inspiration overload? Or 3. should we all just post and SAVE as opposed to post and PUBLISH? so that The Moderator (sounds more like The Terminator) can just decide what seems to work for that day? and 4. perhaps it would be less like putting all the moderation work onto one person if we take turns, like a month each or something… and make sure we tell everyone if we have a holiday/ vacation coming up so we’re not scheduled to moderate then?
    Whaddya think? Just thoughts. Feel free to throw squished old eggs at them. I won’t take offense.
    Lastly, we should probably e-mail the Squad with comments like this cos it ain’t much fun for our soon-to-be victims ahem readers to scroll through a bunch of organisational blog management arrangements. Not as fun as our other stuff.

  7. 9 S. Le
    15 September 2008 at 6:58 PM

    I like the post and save idea. I’m not sure I have time to post every week.

  8. 16 September 2008 at 5:54 AM


    I am “Sir Typealot” to you. I’ll sit down and shut up for a while. You rock. Meanwhile I’ll cover the Monday post.

    Get Team posts in the queue by Sunday of each week, go ahead and pick dates without publishing them, and I’ll sift through ’em and line ’em up, shortest to longest or by color or something. If we get too many, I’ll double ’em up. Just gimme some gas.

    I’m your choke. I’m your throttle. I’ll work on being your carburetor. -Bunk

  9. 11 blane
    17 September 2008 at 3:03 AM

    I pity the classmate that messes with Mr.T! Cool site dudes! Keep it up

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